Helping you heal your relationship with your

body, health, and Self

What is HYR Self?

A Self lead journey focused on healing your relationship with your body, your health, and your Self.

Take steps towards operating from a place of radical Self love, redefine your own version of health, connect deeper with your inner seasons and cyclical rhythms, embrace your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, take your power back, and begin your journey towards becoming your Highest Self.

Who is HYR Self for?

HYR Self is for individuals who:

~ Struggle with negative body image

~ Are stuck in the cycle of dieting and disordered eating

~ Have low Self worth due to negative body image

~ Are disconnected to their body, its cycles and seasons

~ Want to heal their relationship with food and eat more intuitively

~ Want to break free from Diet Culture and it's influence on their Self worth

~ Want to find pleasure in movement again

~ Want to explore their range of feminine and masculine energies

~ Want to put down the weight of other peoples judgements

~ Desire a life more in alignment with who they are at their core

Meet Your Mentor

Hello you beautiful human beings, I’m Eden, your mentor. After working as a professional dancer, being told I needed to lose weight for a job, and spiralling down the diet culture rabbit hole, I realized I was never given the tools to handle a situation like that, where my worth was placed in my external appearance, much less a society that places all of my worth in my appearance. (None of us were)

Earlier this year, with thanks to the abundance of free time to sit with my shadows, I began questioning everything I knew and everything I was taught to believe about my body, and health and wellness. Why do I feel so pressured to keep up with a society that always labels me as “not enough” no matter how hard I try? Why am I terrified of potatoes but feel “safe” eating sweet potatoes? Why do I have to constantly strive to live in a smaller body? Why does society place so much of my worth in my external appearance, and not the value of what I bring to the world? Why do I feel guilty for resting even though I’m exhausted? Why is my menstrual cycle something I should hide from the world and be ashamed of? Why do I feel obligated to do certain forms of movement, even though I hate them? Why do I give so many people power over me? When do I get to start living my life in a way that feels good for ME?

I didn’t find a solid answer to those questions, but what I did find was this…

We don’t need permission to live our lives by our own design. We are ALLOWED to radically love and accept our bodies, exactly as they are. Yes, that might stir up some controversy and discomfort in others, but that’s not our fight to fight. The discomfort means we are shaking things up, and we all know that this world needs a good shake.

I put together this program in hopes of giving you the opportunity to shed these layers of conditioning, reconnect with who you are at your core, remember your worth runs much deeper than surface level, heal your relationship with health and wellness, reclaim your power, confidently set boundaries, feel free to be exactly who you want to be, and begin living your life as your most authentic Self.

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